Kessingland to Benacre Nature reserve

James and dogs

When we were on holiday we had tried to continue our walk along the Suffolk coast by walking north from Covehithe, but the coast has collapsed so much that the beach is impassable at high tide and that is when we got there.

So another day we drove to Kessingland (after picking up cakes and pastries for a picnic from the lovely Two Magpies Bakery in Southwold – actually the only good thing about Southward I think). I didn’t have high hopes for Kessingland, disillusioned as I was with people at the time. However, it was surprisingly lovely. Yes we only saw the far southern edge but the beach had a nice out-of-holiday feel to it and the hint of working boats.


We started to walk, although we did have to have the picnic after about 15 minutes. It is a known phenomenon that a picnic can only sit in my bag for 15 minutes before being consumed.


Here’s a map of our route – we walked the coast so it wasn’t hard.

map with walk2.png

The highlight of the walk was the thin beach dividing the sea from the Benacre Broad that looked as if  it was completely covered at high tide.

dead tree



me and dogs

There were beautiful weather worn trees as well as evidence of ongoing coastal erosion.

onto to Covehithe

We both had a bit of a rest


We had hoped to make it to Covehithe but the tide was nearly high and James was worried about getting cut off and I was tired. Well, it is just another excuse to go back and walk from Covehithe to the lovely Benacre beach.

Just to prove we do go on walks together sometimes ….


N.B. We found some fabulous, huge hagstones

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