Goat Adventures

goats and sheep.jpg

On Sunday we went and collected our new Anglo-nubian goats. They are gorgeous – don’t they look utterly adorable?

sa hi

We have Elsie who is Ellen’s mum and then two other doelings Sorrel and Sage. Yesterday, I milked Elsie and even though she had not been separated from her kid Ellen I managed to get a litre of milk from her – no pressure Iggy Pop!

milking Elsie

They were a little reluctant to come out of the trailer, but a combination of a welcome party led by Soda Pop, some food and James slamming the side door all helped to get them out.

So why has it taken so long for me to post about them then?

Well, I wanted to wait until the remodelling was completed. Our goat barn used to have a main sleeping/living area and then another section next door where I milked. The idea was to get a door on the milking section at some point.

But now we have 8 goats, 3 of which will be kidding next year we thought it would be good to make a space that could easily be divided into pens. Oh yes and Soda Pop can now jump over hurdles so I haven’t been able to milk Iggy Pop since the end of August!

So James set about transforming the space. First he removed the internal walls

opened out shelter.jpg

and reused one fence panel to block up the old entrance to the milking space.

barn with milking door closed off

Then he partitioned the barn into 4 large pens and a sizeable middle area.


After that there were just the gates to hang and fixtures to add on.

closing mechanism

I really like these gates as they can move through 180 degrees which means we can open them flush into the pens to create maximum space when we want the barn open.

The gate on the pen by the door also swivels round and can act as a gate to the main space.

gate closing entrance.jpg

So all we have left to do now is build another structure that will have a couple more pens, a utility/storage space and a super-clean milking space …. the micro-dairy is getting closer to reality by the day.

I did mention our idea to set up a micro-dairy making cheese for the food truck didn’t I?

climbing area.jpg

N.B. I had an MRI last week. The hip surgeon wanted to rule out metastases to my hips and femurs. To be fair I have been worried sick about it. But yesterday I heard that I am all clear – yes, I have a knackered hip, but there is no sign of cancer. I really feel as if I have been given a new life so I certainly won’t be dawdling around wasting it, but intend to make the most of it.


13 responses to “Goat Adventures

    • Don’t worry, these ones are safe as they are girls. I just worry if they have any little bucklings next year – then it might be time for goat curry!

        • I have only had goat once – I am essentially vegetarian if I don’t know who has raised and killed the meat, but fellow smallholders once made us a goat stew and it was amazing. Actually as each day goes by Soda Pop gets a step closer to being goat curry – he is fat and fluffy and really quite annoying now he is big and I would like to try goat again, but it might make me cry – that said we hope to have more baby goats i the future so ……

    • We will be here – hope you are doing well – time has been whizzing by – I will pop down and see you for a catch up soon – wretched book to finish and all that stuff …..

  1. Gorgeous goats! And I’m ashamed to say I was admiring the gate furniture too – never seen those latches before! And such good news about the hip! I’m so pleased for you. Hopefully you can start the road to getting a new one? They’d be absolutely no stopping you then. Take care.xxx

    • Thank you Hannah – I have a serious thing about fencing and gates these days! Got to put up with current hip as long as I can (as I am not that old – well apparently 47 isn’t old in new hip terms) and then I will get a new one which will be great πŸ™‚

  2. I must say the newbies are very lovely and friendly. I popped up on Monday with my Mum to check the van! Just as well, the skylight was leaking so sorted that out. Great news about the hip xx

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