Little Fears


I don’t have little fears. I have crushing, great, overwhelming ones. The book deadline looms so high that I am working on a Saturday, after having worked all week (so much for part-time); we are making progress on the food truck so I lie awake wondering how on earth I will open the cafe by the start of next campsite season; this week I head off to Tallinn for 4 days to give a paper on a subject well out of my comfort zone at a workshop – what if they all pour scorn and derision on me?; and my entire vegetable garden is an overgrown mess that will take more than a Sunday afternoon to put right.

However, I really, really want to win this amazing copy of the nefarious Lucy by Little Fears – see here for the blog post. You have to share the post on social media and as I am so antediluvian this is the best I could do. There is something compulsively frightening and wonderful about all the little fears and I hope by focusing on them I can safely ignore all my big fears until they are more manageable or I find I have miraculously accomplished them.

Lucy is just so so wonderful although I also have a soft spot for Vulture and Capricorn too.

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