Of Cabbages and Kings


Last year I grew a lot, and I mean a lot of squash. We must have had nearly a 100. Now there is no way we can eat that many squash – I can just see James’ face at the mere thought of it. We gave some away and fed the animals on them.

This year therefore, I think as some kind of subconscious reaction to the 2016 squash mountain I kind of delayed planting the squash out. As a result none of the squash on the hugelkultur thrived, in fact they died. The only squash I actually have are 4 or 5 butternut in the small three sisters meso-American garden hidden between the raspberries


And a volunteer squash which comes from I know not where and is busy spreading its fruit through the strawberries in the polytunnel.


So this year, instead of over-producing squash I have planted far too many cabbages and cauliflowers – the hugelkultur is stuffed full of them, well them and thistles.



I think we have a bit of a woodlice and slug problem – I garden organically so use no pesticides, herbicides and I don’t really use fertiliser except for alpaca poo and our own compost. But I strip off the outer leaves, feed them to various animals and the cabbage inside is perfect.

There are also a lot of sunflowers and chrysanthemums



And of course cauliflowers. And of course they are all reaching and then surpassing perfection at the same time because I also haven’t learnt how to plant in succession yet either.

As a result we need to eat a lot of cauliflower very quickly. I will freeze some for cauliflower cheese in the winter, but still, we only have a limited amount of freezer space – note to self – we need another massive commercial freezer!


I have for many years, and for no good reason, avoided roast cauliflower salads – what is wrong with me?? This salad is brilliant and easy. We had it with hoggat shank curry and then I had leftovers in pita bread for lunch.

Roast madras cauliflower salad: cauliflower divided into small florets; olive oil, couple of tsp of madras curry powder; half an onion sliced, chopped coriander leaves, seasoning, lemon juice.

Mix the spice mix into the oil and then scrunch it all over the cauliflower florets. Put the florets on a baking sheet and roast until tinged with brown and soft (-ish). Add the onions, lemon juice and seasoning to taste and the coriander leaves.


N.B. I realise I forgot to post about this year’s meso-american garden – maybe in the next few days I will do a before and after post

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