Food Truck, Coincidences and Wild Swimming


I was away last week in Tallinn for work. It was a very interesting workshop with some lovely, clever people. Bizarrely, I unexpectedly bumped into my sister on the flight home. She was coming to London from Stockholm for a conference. I was changing planes in Stockholm and as fate would have it, not only were we on the same plane, but we also had been completely randomly allocated seats next to each other – too, too weird. Anyway, she came home with me on the Saturday and we had a good time catching up until she had to head off back to London on the Sunday.

We did sneak in a freezing cold swim at Shingle Street on Sunday morning.

Shingle Street.jpg

But the biggish news today is that despite looking rather neglected, we haven’t forgotten about the food truck.

food truck.jpg

We started the process of renovating it two years ago with the help of Kathy and Harold who laid a new floor, cleaned it all, and sorted out the ceiling and walls. Look how clean it was when it arrived!



Well we are back focused on this project as we are hoping to have the pop-up, home-grown, home-cooked cafe up and running by spring next year.


James has finished installing the cabinets and work surfaces, we have bought a fridge and dishwasher and next the stainless still man comes to work his magic – exciting times.


N.B. I also snuck in a lovely swim with my heroic wild swimming friend Alfie on Monday. We swam under the blood red sun, first in a shallow pool that emerges behind the lagoon at low tide and then in the rough and tumble of the washing machine of a sea on the other side of the underwater shingle bank.


Below you can see the calm water of the pool and behind the waves are breaking on the under-water shingle bank that protects the pool.



8 responses to “Food Truck, Coincidences and Wild Swimming

    • I am really excited about the food truck, but just want to get the current book done so I have more time to focus on thinking about the food truck before we open – ahhhhhh

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