On Thursday night a fox came and left 31 dead chickens in our main coop. Most of my rare-breed Ixworth chickens that I have been breeding for the last couple of years from different genetic sources were killed, including the cockerel I swopped with my friend Geoff and was going to be the breeding cockerel next year. My old pekin and barba d’uccle hens were killed too. I was, and am, pretty devastated.

But my main question is:


Alpacas where were you?

Seriously, this is your job – please step up the security.

These were my hens before the attack – most of them are now dead.


I plucked and gutted 7 of the Ixworths and minced them for dog food so they didn’t go to waste. I didn’t have the heart (or time) to do the others.

Yesterday was not a good day …… although the digger came to clear and level the space for the pop-up cafe and the stainless steel man took measurements and will soon start fabrication ….. it was still not a good day.

N.B. I hope the fox took at least one chicken back with them …. I do know that they need to eat too. But maybe next time they could catch a rabbit instead.

N.B. Yhong Zheng survived the attack, I don’t think our Maran cockerel did though.

31 responses to “Massacre

  1. poor chooks, I think the foxes haves had a busy year this year! I know you can’t replace the genetic side of things, but I hope you manage to build you flock up again soon.

  2. Are you sure it was a fox? When I had chickens, a fox might snatch one a night… but raccoons and wandering dogs would kill off the whole flock. The raccoons tended to bite off their heads and not eat any of them. The dogs would tear them up. After losing two flocks to these predators, and taking every precaution that I could to protect them, I had to quit.

    • We don’t really have wandering dogs round here (although it is always possible that campsite dog got in, but apparently there was digging under the wall near the door. I don’t think we have raccoons here. Sorry about your flocks – it isn’t nice at all.

    • certainly can. I don’t mind if the take the odd chicken or two that sleep outside but I would rather they didn’t massacre half my flock especially the breeding stock. Love to you xx

    • Really quite gutting, we have upped the security and are hoping the fox won’t come back or at least won’t be able to get in to the coop again.

    • I don’t mind them taking one or two for dinner and I suspect they do come and take a few of the stupid chickens who roost outside – but leaving 31 of my best breeding stock dead is a bit rubbish…

  3. Ode to the Alpacas.

    Oh the deaths they stack, where’s the pack?
    They are cack, they don’t do jack.
    They sadly lack, the security knack.
    Give them a whack, show them the track,
    Tell them to hack, all the way back.
    Give the alpacas the sack.

    I thank you! Sometime I have too much time to think :-/

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