Apple Juice and Wild Swimming


I don’t know where October has gone to. Things have been busy this week – book deadline looms as usual, but on a more positive front the weather has been great, I swam at Shingle Street three times, and my friends came to visit.

Holly and ephi2

While they were here we decided to juice the apples I picked some time ago.

We picked out all the mouldy ones and gave them to the pigs.


Then we washed and scratted them in our super-cool scratter – I love this word.


After pressing the pulp we bottled and pasturised it.

This year wasn’t so good for apples, but I juiced all of them instead of keeping some for jelly-making and crumbles. We got about 20 750ml bottles of juice which is better than nothing.

N.B.  First swim was with Jude, second with James in the lagoon (who obviously didn’t actually swim)


and third was with Alfie my heroic wild swimming friend under a dramatic sky.


Shingle Street.jpg



One response to “Apple Juice and Wild Swimming

  1. Deanna rang me yesterday and said she had been swimming over the weekend, at night, in the sea at Plymouth Hoe! she’s nipping at your fins 😉

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