ram and sheep.jpg

Kenny the ram came to visit with his two Herdy friends. The plan was to keep them in the hugelkultur field for a week and then let the ram in with the ewes after I had separated them from their lambs.

That was the plan.


However, after about an hour the two little herdies – who I absolutely adore – jumped over the fence into the middle field.


Aren’t they utterly gorgeous?


Just like little teddy bears.


Very early the next morning just as I was about to set off for London, Kenny the ram jumped over the fence, ran across the field and then jumped another fence to get in with the ewes and this year’s lambs.


He had his wicked way with no.39 and Bobtail straightaway!


So first thing Friday morning it was emergency lamb and ewe separating.


It looks like we will be lambing just before Easter this year then! But as the other two ewes haven’t been tupped yet there could still be some Easter weekend lambing action as well.

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