Pork Tenderloin Escalopes


I have been meaning to post and have things to write about, but the book deadline looms and I have to go to Poland next week to give a paper at a workshop there this has basically consumed my daily word count.

We have still been eating well, although right now I do kind of regret juicing all my apples and not saving some for salads.

I managed to pick the last three tiny (but delicious) russets off a tree in the Pear Garden – confusing I know but the garden does also contain apple and plum trees. So I mixed them with what I could salvage from the brussel sprouts which had been decimated by evil cabbage white butterflies. I am not sure why I grow brussel sprouts – mainly it is for this salad – I hate them cooked.


This week we ate it with pork tenderloin escalopes – James put his in a bun with mayo and home-made pickles – this was very nice so that is how I ate mine the next day when we had the whole thing again using leftovers. This could well be a possible brunch dish for the food truck.

Pork Tenderloin Escalopes:  1 tenderloin from a fat, happy , rare breed pig; 2-3 eggs, flour, breadcrumbs, oil. Slice tenderloin on the diagonal. Bash gently with a rolling pin to flat each slice out. Dust with flour, dip in beaten egg and then in the breadcrumbs. Fry in shallow oil.

East in a bun with cucumber pickles and mayo and this salad … or however you like.

N.B. pigs 1 and 3 are off to university on Monday as mature students. They didn’t get pregnant and we can’t really afford to keep mature pigs just as pets. I feel pretty bad about it but I am trying to concentrate on thoughts of bacon.


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