Seed Saving

bean close-up.jpg

I am slowly trying to catch up with garden chores – the whole kitchen garden looks a bit abandoned at the moment.

A couple of weeks ago I harvested the borlotti beans from the three sisters garden.


It took a while a pod them all but in total I got 5 lbs of dried beans to eat over the winter and to provide beans for next spring’s planting.


Every  year I resolve to plant more, and every year I kind of forget.

pods and squash.jpg

Despite the late planting of my squash plants I still managed to harvest 5 sizeable butternut squash – and there are another 5 volunteer squash in the polytunnel. There was also the last of the bi-coloured sweetcorn corn which despite being a little old was very nice mixed in with some polenta with sausage stew on top.


For the first time this year I am also storing some corn cobs and will try planting the dried kernels next spring.

After clearing the three sister garden, I cut back all the autumn raspberries and mulched the area with old goat straw and poo – yummy.

Next year I have a dream of sun flowers everywhere – along the edges of our fields especially in the pig fields. So to achieve this I have saved a vast quantity of sunflower heads. I wasn’t very good at getting the seeds out but I reckon they should work if chucked in a pot of earth or even just scattered on the ground – fingers crossed.

sunflower seeds.jpg

Hasn’t all been happy in the seed-saving world. The peas and mangetout I had carefully sorted  out and left to dry in the poly tunnel of dreams got eaten by rodents. We have a real rat/mouse problem and none of the lazy cats (or the elusive poly tunnel snake) are doing anything about it – slackers!

eaten seeds.jpg


3 responses to “Seed Saving

  1. That last picture is heart breaking for you. Can the cats get in the tunnel overnight? Real seeds have fitted a cat flap to theirs. I tend to leave the lower door open on mine, although I usually bring seeds inside to dry off.

    • I love borlotti beans and keep saying that each year I will grow more. Good luck with your garden. Are you growing veggies or flowers …. or both?

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