Honey and Oat Breakfast Bars


Life has been crazy here for the past month and the day-job (despite only being a part-time day-job) managed to force itself centre stage and use up all my words so there haven’t been any blog posts.

You might think that these bars are an unhealthy breakfast option – but as I generally eat chocolate or cake for breakfast this basically counts as super-healthy round here.

I am gradually replacing the last tiny bit of sugar with honey. If a 100% honey version works I will let you know. I think next time I make these (which will probably be tonight – or should it be brownies for breakfast tomorrow?) I will add more seeds (maybe a little less oats) and toasted almonds. The salt is essential.

Honey and Oat Bars: 50g of each of the following almonds, dried apricots, dried cranberries, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds; 25g of ground almonds; 175g rolled oats; 1 tsp ground cinnamon; medium to large pinch of salt; 100g butter; 130g honey; 50g sugar.


Preheat your oven to 140C and line a 20cm-ish baking tin with baking paper. Toast the almonds in the oven, then chop. Soak the cranberries and apricots in hot water for ten minutes, then drain. Put the butter, sugar and honey in a pan and heat gently. Let it simmer while stirring until it darkens a little.


Put all the other ingredients in a large bowl.  Add the caramel to the dry ingredients and mix well. Squish into the pan and bake for 20-25 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin. I gently cut it into slices (still in the tin) when it is about halfway cool, then when it is cool I remove it from the tin and finish cutting into bars.

These will be on sale in the food truck next spring – maybe made with our own dehydrated raspberries and definitely our own honey!


N.B. Don’t worry too much about the healthiness of my diet. I eat a lot of organic home-grown veggies – way more than 5 a day. I also drink green tea for breakfast and have a large, home-made, home-grown smoothie. Actually I think I have a pretty brilliant natural, non-processed diet – not including the marshmallows I have in my hot chocolate and the bacon fat I eat greedily to help keep me warm!  So when I told my oncologist I had lost 5kg accidentally and quickly over the summer (this is about 10% of my body weight) and he wanted to refer me to a dietician who would advise me what kind of food to eat I nearly fell off my chair and spluttered that I was so obsessed with the quality of the food I eat I grow all my own veggies, fruit, meat and eggs and am now producing my own milk.

9 responses to “Honey and Oat Breakfast Bars

    • We have a smallholding – we probably use about 1/4 acre (ore or less) to grow our fruit and veggies; you need a bit ore for the pigs, sheep etc. The bars are tasty, I would recommend making the.

  1. THERE you are!!
    But wait -chocolate for breakfast??!!
    God what a life, what a life…
    I’ve been thinking of making some breakfast bars myself, everytime I see it posted it makes me want to do it more grrrrr!!

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