pigelts in trailer

As our last two rounds of AI did’t work with our Large Black gilts (not 1 and 3) we decided they were more suited to a university career so off they duly went.


As we are planning on keeping one of our girls from no. 2’s litter so this means we only have 5 piglets to keep everyone in sausages and bacon next summer. We have grand plans for the food truck so we reckoned that the delicious bacon and sausage meat from the gilts wouldn’t be enough so we went and picked up 5 large black piglets from a nearby rare breed farm.


They are so cute. As they are quite young and it is very cold we made sure to fill their ark up with plenty of straw – that they promptly burrowed into.

ark full of straw

James even gave them two hot water bottles (!) although both of these have now mysteriously vanished.

They are all boys so the tentative plan is perhaps to keep one – the most friendly one – to be a future boar – so we don’t have to rely on AI.

hello there

Every wondered the best way to hold a piglet? Turns out this is it ….

how to hold a piglet

N.B. the bacon and sausage eat from now 1 and 3 is exceptionally delicious (and there was a lot of it. They were both over 150kg!

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