That Thing ….

read for the oven

That thing when your friend sends you a text telling you they have left a leg of deer in your outside fridge, but you are in the middle of a huge tidy and re-organise of your house (and I mean huge) so you whizz up a few carrots and two leeks you found while cleaning out the polytunnel of rat-infested doom with a onion and some garlic from storage in the garage and make this and then eat it for the next few days.

Thank you Andrew.


Slow-roast deer/lamb/goat with veggies and beans: one or two onions, couple of leeks some carrots; leg of lamb/mutton, deer etc; white wine, stock, rosemary.


Brown the meat in some oil in a baking tin on top of the stove, then remove. Whiz up the veggies in a food processor then cook gently in the baking tray. Add in a good slosh or two of wine add some stock.  Add in a couple of tinned beans (no time to soak and cook my borlotti so I used some of my zombie-apocalypse stash), the meat and some rosemary – season.

Pop in an oven at about 140C for the rest  of the day – i.e. hours and hours and hours. I maybe should have checked mine in the last three hours or so and added some more fluid because it got a bit dry – bad me – I was obsessed with sorting through everything in the house, but more on that later.


We just ate it as is and it was lovely. Photos are rubbish, but just pretend that I made an effort and didn’t just try taking photos with my phone in the unnatural glare of the kitchen at night.


2 responses to “That Thing ….

  1. I used to think it was nice when my late neighbour would leave a few onions, some salad or a marrow on my doorstep from his allotment at the end of our lane but this, wow!

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