Clementine Muffins

buns in a tin

OK, let’s just say the whole tidy-up of the house (and re-writing next year’s Art and Power module) is taking longer than I expected and I am just really, really exhausted.

Last week 2 large boxes of clementines turned up on my doorstep – courtesy of my crowd-funded orange tree – you can opt to have some of your oranges a little earlier in the form of clementines. Mainly I am just shovelling them into my mouth – and feeding the skins to the goats. For the record Iggy Pop doesn’t like them – despite really liking orange peel earlier this year.


Anyway, I made these muffins to take to dog class on Tuesday. And I have just made them again. The recipe is a Waitrose one from the internet. The syrup makes a lot and as i use cupcake cases not muffin cases it is hard to get very much syrup on the muffin – it all drips off – so i had enough of the syrup for two batches. As not much syrup goes on the muffins they also aren’t very sweet which makes them ideal breakfast food.

The second batch seemed nicer, lighter and fluffier, but I can’t be sure. This may be because the first batch was made using baking powder that had an expiry date of 2013 – you see now why I need to clean out my entire house!

milk eggs and clementines.jpg

Did I mention I am back milking Iggy Pop again. I stopped milking Iggy at the end of August when Soda Pop learnt how to jump over the hurdles and drink all his mum’s milk. Time passed and I assumed Soda Pop had naturally weaned and Iggy Pop had dried up. Well he has weaned but she still has milk so I am milking her and making muffins.

Clementine Muffins: juice of two clementines; 300 g self-raising flour; 175g sugar; 1 tsp baking powder; 2 tsp poppy seeds; 100g grated carrots; 200ml milk; 1 egg; 75ml vegetable oil; 1 tsp vanilla essence. For the syrup, juice of two clementines; 100g sugar.

dry ingredients

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix the milk, juice, egg and oil in a pot and then stir into the dry ingredients. Put in cases and cook for around 20 minutes in a 200C oven. To make the syrup mix sugar and juice and simmer gently for a while – spoon over the muffins.


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