Christmas Swimming


I was rather keen to go for a swim today. Unfortunately the Christmas Day Project used up all the hours of daylight as it has done for the past couple of days.

I did however get in a sneaky swim with my lovely friend Alfie on Saturday morning. It was my first one since the end of October. Alfie was away, I was away, we were busy, it was cold …….

christmas tree.jpg

This swim was fantastic. We swam with a seal who kept diving under water and resurfacing near to us. While its head was out of the water and it swam along with us, I was fine, as soon as it dived under I shrieked and made for the shore. Turns out my fear of imaginary seamsters also includes real ones – or at least the worry of a seal suddenly popping up right in front of my face. It was only about 8-10 feet away from us and was quite lovely (on reflection).


We have resolved to swim a lot more and not be such nesh heroic wild swimmers. No-one else was swimming – they were just walking along the beach all bundled up – I have no idea why …..

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.

post swim buzz.jpg

N.B. More news on the Christmas Project possibly tomorrow or the next day – we are making progress.

N.B. Off to have champagne, home made pizza and watch Dr Who.

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