Brussel Sprouts

alpacas and chickens.jpg

A friend called, his girlfriend wanted to know if we could use 500kg of brussel sprouts that a local supermarket were looking to off-load.

Err, yes, of course we could.

So James whizzed off to collect half a ton of brussel sprouts.

james and brussels.jpg

Everyone is making an effort to eat the sprouts.


While all the animals are enjoying this added bonus in their diet the alpacas are the happiest. I seriously think Peanut if laughing with joy.


Soda Pop wants more ….

Soda Pop.jpg

N.B. it is a shame that the sprouts are all in little 500g plastic bags, but we aren’t complaining because fortuitous events such as this rarely happen in our world, and we are really glad to see supermarkets are trying not to waste produce.

10 responses to “Brussel Sprouts

  1. Good on the supermarket , we saw the stalks and thought it odd there were so many!! The sprouts look quite edible in your photos. Xx

    • The stalks are from our brussels – the supermarket ones are all peeled and prepared and in little bags. They look really fine, if you would like some, I can drop some off. We might have some tomorrow in a salad 🙂 xx

  2. Happiest of new years to you dearest Claire!!
    I’m also happy to see the brussel sporuts getting such great use as well ❤
    Hope you and NB rang in the new year well and are off to a great start!

  3. Have your alpacas been OK with the sprouts?. I’ve seen a few posts from owners saying how much their alpacas love them and having just been out and bought some for mine, have now seen them on a list of things poisonous to alpacas!. Hope you don’t mind me asking but came across the photos of yours so obviously enjoying them!. Thanks

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