Christmas Project 2017

tidied up.jpg

This year the Christmas project was to renovate the hugelkultur (see here for last year’s project). When we made the beds we didn’t really do anything to the paths between them. Over the following year I put down some bits of weedblock/black plastic that had been covering the beds and added pallets as and when I got them in a  higgledy-piggledy manner. But as the beds had no edges, soil collapsed onto and underneath the pallets, rats started living there (I think) after I put some old roofing sheets on top of the pallets, and weeds grew everywhere.

The plan was to remove the old pallets, clear out the weeds and soil, replace the weedblock, put down non-broken pallets, make some edges and weed the beds.

All I can say is this took ages.

This was the hugelkultur before we started.


This is it with the pallets removed – it isn’t pretty.

pallets removed.jpg

James cleared the paths.

ready for more weedblock.jpg

We decided to do it on the cheap and use scrap wood for the edges.

scrap wood.jpg

Possibly there was too much wood in the trailer.

too much wood.jpg

Then james had the great idea of using old, chipped roof tiles from when we had our house roof re-done. Of course we had kept them – we stashed them behind the shed with a whole load of other crap.

tile pile.jpg


tiles lined up.jpg

We put new weedblock down and then the pallets. I pulled out half eaten cabbages and weeds and james edged the beds with wood and tiles.


I still have some sections to weed and I need to add alpaca poo and cover the beds a mulch and/or black plastic, but we are getting there – I have even planted some onions – they are now covered with a straw mulch.


James also made some compost bins using the rubbish pallets at the end of the hugelkultur. As we get more pallets we will extend the compost bins – you can’t have too many!

compost bins.jpg


9 responses to “Christmas Project 2017

    • Thank you 🙂 we don’t celebrate christmas – well apart from eating home-made pizza, watching Dr Who and drinking a bottle of champagne – so instead we do a project. It really is a good way to mark the end of one year and look forward to another one. Hope you have a lovely 2018 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 it took ages – a lesson to me in doing things properly first time …. yeah right like that is going to happen …. sometimes life is just too busy and messy to do it properly first time 🙂

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