Not Eating from the Smallholding

marinated salmon.jpg

Generally the majority of the food we eat is from the smallholding – fingers over ears and not listening to you shout but what about the lemons and bananas, rice and chocolate – yeah, yeah, yeah – so how about virtually all the fruit and vegetables and all meat and eggs are from the smallholding.

But as I said before, I failed, yet again, in an epic way with my winter salad leaves so I asked my friends to bring some salad with them to have with the new year’s souffle. BEcause I have lovely friends I ended up with quite a few bags of green leaves which James and I proceeded to eat with glee in the first few days of the new year.

We don’t eat fish that often anymore as James is fussy and we have enough protein from the smallholding, but I reckon if you are going to eat salad leaves from a bag you might as well raid the freezer for fish.

oven-baked hake.jpg


So we ate some raw salmon marinated in soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil with some sushi rice and lovely leaves.

The next day was roast potatoes with some hake chucked on for the last 5 minutes on leaves with a quick salsa verde type thing with gherkins, leftover coriander and capers.

And then chilli and lemon prawns with wholewheat spaghetti and onion on rocket.



And let me tell you, it was bloody fabulous …….

chilli and lemon prawns with spaghetti.jpg

2 responses to “Not Eating from the Smallholding

  1. Wow, seriously good going! I’ve often said that sometimes the best meals are made with the minimalist of ingredients. I think this post sums this mantra up perfectly!

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