Clementine Sorbet


I forget just how lovely sorbet is.

Although I had very grand cake plans for my 20kg of clementines I basically just scoffed the lot as they came – feeding the peel to the goats (but not not Iggy Pop as she has apparently gone off citrus peel this year!).

I did manage to make a batch of this sorbet though which we had on New Year’s Eve.

Recipe is basically from Lebovitz, The Perfect Scoop but I use clementines, not tangerines and I didn’t use any zest as I don’t want zest in my sorbet and quite frankly I am not about to start testing clementines – lemons yes, clementines no.


Clementine Sorbet: 750ml of clementine juice, 150g sugar.

Mix 125ml of juice with the sugar and heat gently until the sugar is dissolved, then stir into the remaining juice and freeze in your ice-cream maker.

Does this even count as a recipe?

It is particularly good with a little orange liqueur splashed on top.

grand marnier

I might, (only might) manage to make this again before I eat all the clementines.


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