Polytunnel Revamp


The polytunnel was in a bit of a state at the end of the summer. By that I mean it was completely overgrown with grass (don’t put hay down in your lovely warm, irrigated poly tunnel as a mulch) and thistles, full of rodents and dead plants – basically a complete state.


I didn’t hold out much hope for it ….


What had I done to my beloved polytunnel of dreams? Even the strawberry beds were overgrown with weeds.

strawberries before

So one day I decided I had to do something about it – just a bit at a time. First I weeded the strawberry bed, removed the piles of dead weeds I had chucked on the paths and sorted out the staging.


This might not look sorted, but believe me it is compared to what it was like before.

I weeded the ground-bags with the strawberries in and gave them a top-up with alpaca poo.

strawberries weeded

I ripped out all the rotting tomato plants from between the trees, and put down cardboard and straw as a mulch.


Gradually, I worked on the main bit of the polytunnel – it started to look better.

But then it was the holidays and I got distracted by other projects  – namely completely purging our house and sorting out the hugelkultur. A section of the poly tunnel remained overgrown, the weedblock I had bought to cover it sat in a corner.

Then my friends said, let’s just do it ….. so we did. We yanked out the rest of the weeds, emptied bag after bag of alpaca poo on the soil and covered it with weedblock – job done.

sorted polytunnel

Thank you so much 🙂

Looks like I am ready to put my diy, home-made propagator back together next week and start growing again.

N.B. the small patch of straw at the end by the fence is where I planted some onion sets – good job I did as the 200 or so I planted outside pretty much all got eaten by the wretched pigeons. A straw mulch wasn’t enough to protect them I should have covered them with a bit of enviromesh as well.

2 responses to “Polytunnel Revamp

  1. Working bees with friends are THE BEST! What a great way to tackle a hard job, and it looks fantastic- thank you for sharing the pics- it was very satisfying : )

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