Winter Swimming 2018


My last two swims were just before Christmas and on Boxing Day. I don’t know where my swimming mojo went – horrid weather, feeling under the weather, etc didn’t help. But when I was in Sweden and walked with my sister through the snow to the sea I really, really wanted to swim.

This week I managed two swims – once James came with me to Shingle Street, and then I went to swim with Alfie at Sizewell.

Massive hands

No I don’t have giant hands – I have got extra-thick thermal gloves. More often than not I am forced out of the water not because my body is cold but because of the pain in my fingers and toes – the giant gloves have helped solve this.

About to get in

I sort of feel I am cheating this winter now I have a wetsuit. I also picked up this thermal vest and hat combination in a sale – it is too small for me (all the other sizes had sold out), but I can just about get into it and it stops cold water trickling down my back.

Actually, I think if the wetsuit helps me swim more and for longer then, it will help me keep swimming and before long it will be warm enough to swim without it.

That said, at least with it on I don’t worry about jelly fish ……. still slightly concerned about imaginary sea-monsters.

getting out

Although maybe I am the only sea-monster at Shingle Street in January!


Kainaat came to Sizewell with me. He didn’t swim as he is a wuss and says I haven’t bothered to buy him a wetsuit so why should he go in the water. He did have fun bopping around with the other dogs on the beach though.

4 responses to “Winter Swimming 2018

  1. Hello Claire,
    Love your blog and read it every time you release it.
    I have a couple of questions re your swimming outfit as I want to order one.
    Anychance we could have a short chat offline?
    Best wishes

    • HI Diana, – you can always email me drcvn[at] – basically it is a Zone 3 wetsuit + a thermal vest with hood thing from Shore; neoprene socks and gloves and some little swim shoes. All a bit much – last winter I largely just swam in either a thermal top, gloves ad socks or for a couple of months James’ too large-for-me shortie wetsuit. Hope this helps.

  2. That is wild to see! Here in Oz the water is sometimes 25 degrees C- almost not refreshing- I gotta show my son these pics as he’s a surfer so is in the ocean for 5-8 hours sometimes!

    • 25C – wow, but then again you do have sharks and massive jelly fish and salt water crocodiles!!! I might take the 6-7C we currently have over here. I can’t imagine spending 8 hours in the North Sea, not even in the summer!

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