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Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Last night I got up at 2am to check on the babies – they were fine. I then checked at 7am.

All was going well. I also had a brain-wave and realised I could go to our local pet store and get some little dog coats for the kids.

Off I went.

I felt very, very pleased with myself and got some cute, washable, snuggly coats.

I came home and made some lunch as I was starving. Zephi stole one of the coats and chewed it a bit. Although he is bad dog he doesn’t destroy things, he just makes them wet. I dried the coat off on the radiator and later in the afternoon went to put them on the goats.

They looked so, so cute.

Elsie didn’t agree. She kept sniffing their bums and heads, which is reasonable. But then she suddenly took against one of her kids and kept pushing her away.

This was odd. Then i thought what if this kid was wearing the coat Zephi chewed. I took the coats off the goats. Elsie still didn’t want to know her kid.

So it looks as if instead of solving a problem, I have instead made it much, much worse.

And instead of getting a good night’s sleep tonight, I will be again getting up in the middle of the night to feed a little kid whose mum is not letting her any where near her.

This smallholding lark is not easy – the learning curve is sometimes very steep.

6 responses to “Hindsight

  1. I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Perhaps Elsie’s way of saying two OK, three nah. It might have had nothing to do with dog anoraks at all, but her milking apparatus.

  2. Oh Clare this is tough indeed! I grew up in a farming community and often found farmers to be quite callous about the life and death happening every day. I guess with the scale of large farms you don’t have the ability to grow attached to individual animals (although maybe the detachment is a psychological survival strategy, at least in part). But when you’ve named animals, raised them, fed them by hand etc it’s a totally different matter. Best of luck with your little family of goats xxx

    • Yes, that detachment certainly is a survival strategy (that and them being less cute as they grow up) otherwise none of them would go off to the abattoir. I just always get so involved when they are born. I was convinced I would keep Soda Pop for ever when he was born last year – now I regularly think it is time for him to go to ‘university’!

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