Lamb Burgers and Salad


Let’s have a day off from baby goat news. I made these burgers and salad last night and it was very, very good.

The burger recipe comes from Conor over at One Man’s Meat. And yes, it is quite possibly the best lamb burger I have ever eaten – thank you Conor.

I followed his recipe exactly (I think), including the sprinkling of ground cumin on the patties – this is very unlike me especially when I am tired – I am the queen of cutting corners.

I made a root salad to go with the burgers and added some of the smoked salt and a touch of honey to make the whole thing matchy-matchy. I added sumac rather than cumin to the salad though.

Lamb Burgers: 500g minced lamb, tsp smoked salt, 1 tsp whole cumin seeds (toasted and then ground), 1/2 tsp of ground black pepper, 1.5 tsp of honey (I used my heather honey).

Squish everything together in a bowl – don’t put all the cumin in though – save some to sprinkle on the burger patties once you have shaped them. Make into burgers – cook.


Root Salad: carrot, red cabbage, celeriac, tiny onion, 2tsp sumac, generous pinch or two of smoked salt, juice of half a lemon, olive oil, 1/2 tsp of honey.

Grate, julienne or thinly slice the vegetables. Mix the dressing ingredients together and pour over the salad – squish with your hands.


N.B. If you have been feeding baby goats, or cleaning up their florescent yellow poos wash your hands very thoroughly beforehand!

N.B. All three girls are doing well – I am feeding the little rejected goat with elsie’s milk in a bottle – and i am still feeding her in the night – hopefully I won’t have to do the night feed for that much longer – I could really do with some sleep.

8 responses to “Lamb Burgers and Salad

    • Bobtial had triplets last year and we just supplemented her triplets with a bottle as and when they wanted it. I am hopeful that Elsie might feed little Eleven again – currently she lets her feed if I am there and one of the other kids is feeding too!

  1. Oh Claire, poor you doing night feeds again 😦
    If it was later in the year you would have a load of willing volunteers ready to feed her 🙂

    • I suspect I would maybe have had willing volunteers for the day-time feeds and not so much to the 2am ones. Last night I left them to it and all were fine – I fed at 10pm and then at 7am so hopefully I should start to get more sleep now.

    • It was really delicious – thank you for sharing. I would never have thought of adding honey or dusting the burgers in ground cumin, but it lifted them above my usual bog-standard lamb kofte-type thing 🙂

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