Goats in Coats

goats in coats.jpg

I had bought the coats, so it was inevitable that the baby goats would wear the coats.

Obviously the coats will fit the goats only for a few days, but by then they will be older, it will be warmer and I won’t feel that it was an utter waste of money buying tiny coats for goats in some kind of knee-jerk panicky reaction to Elsie having her kids in early February.

goat gangs.jpg

And it was snowing today,

and it was their first full day outside (although they did spend quite a bit of it back inside their stall snuggled in the corner)


although they did have a little explore yesterday as well.


I make no apologies for all the goat posts – baby goats are a pretty rare thing here on the smallholding and everything else is just new kitchens for the cafe, MRIs for my blurred vision and vertigo, and preparation for teaching ….

The Anglo-nubian gang.jpg

N.B. if you are a goat, your mum licks your bum to clean off the sticky fluorescent yellow poo – just so you know ….

cleaning poo.jpg

10 responses to “Goats in Coats

    • 🙂 glad you liked it – they are the cutest little kids, although they have pretty much outgrown these coats already and are happy just bouncing around.

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