Cutting toe-nails


Today we trimmed the alpacas’ hooves.

Today for the first time since we got the alpacas (maybe 5 or so years ago), I actually trimmed their hooves. Normally I help hold the alpacas and our friend Andrew trims the hooves.

This is because, despite being OK with sheep and goat hooves, up until today I have basically been terrified of the alpacas  – they are big, hard to wrestle and can kick.

But today I did it.

I didn’t do Peanut’s hooves though – my bravery has limits!

NOt talking.jpg

Inky Dinky Doo isn’t speaking to us any more. she is also spectacularly good at sitting on her feet – tryig to get a foot out frmo under an alpaca is way harder than you might imagine.


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