Garam Masala and Swimming


Today was a most glorious day where we live. I should have been hard at work getting my vegetable garden ready for spring, but instead I went for a swim with my heroic wild swimming friend. There should always be time for a swim on a sunny day.


It was pretty chilly though, but luckily we have Alfie’s beach hut to retire to and drink copious amounts of tea.

dissolved swimmer

There should also always be time to make garam masala. We don’t have any shops near us that sell decent spice mixes and it is super easy to make your own. Well, since I bought a coffee grinder just for grinding spices it has been super easy. I have such a craving for curry at the moment – we are eating it on quite a regular basis. I kind of want to make it tonight, but we have leftover chicken, lemon and celeriac stew which is quite tasty so I shouldn’t complain.

The recipe is (more or less) from Curry – what spice mixes do you like to make? Can you share them with me or are they top secret?

spice mix

Garam Masala: 50g coriander seeds, 50g cumin seeds, 30 green cardamon pods, 1- inches of cinnamon stick, 2 tbsp cloves, 10 blades of mace, 1/2 nutmeg (grated), 1 tbsp black peppercorns, 4 bay leaves (which I may have left out as I couldn’t be bothered to go out to the bay tree), 1 tbsp dried rose petals, 1tbsp fennel seeds.


Heat up a frying pan, toast the spices gently shaking the pan. When they start to smell really nice (and before the smell burnt) take off the heat, let them cool and then grind in a coffee grinder.

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