Goat Gymnastics

gym practice this week.jpg

It’s been weeks since there has been a baby goat update here – sorry – there are more regular updates on the goats on my instagram account.

Anyway, all three are doing brilliantly. For the last week Elsie has also been feeding them all which is a relief.

milking stand

As you can see I have been getting Elsie used to the milking stand – she has her breakfast there. The kids are starting to nibble at hay and goat muesli so I guess in a few weeks I will start to separate them at night so I can milk Elsie in the morning.

eating grown-up food

When you aren’t even three weeks old everything is an adventure.


out ad about.jpg

They have integrated well into the herd and I have found Sage and Iggy Pop babysitting them at various times.

goat herd

They are out and about all day exploring and practising their parkour and gymnastics, but they do have to have regular naps in a goat puddle.


gym practice2

goat puddle.jpg

I have to say they are the cutest, most endearing animals we have ever had on the smallholding – yes it’s official, they are cuter than ducklings.


N.B. They don’t have their heat pad anymore – instead they curl up all together in a large circular feed bowl!

10 responses to “Goat Gymnastics

  1. They are absolutely adorable Claire. You must be getting so much enjoyment just watching them. So pleased to hear that all three are now feeding from mum.

    • I’m glad they are all feeding from mum as well and I just love having them – they are now officially my favourite animal – cats are a bit miffed about this though!

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