Secret Mutton Meatball Curry


Back last summer a lovely family were staying on the campsite and we got to talking about our shared love of mutton. I gave them some of my mutton and in return they gave me this fabulous recipe. To be honest, the version they made with my mutton cooked outside on a camp stove  was rather nicer than my version I think. I was a bit of a slacker this time I made it and my meatballs were a bit large – it is much much nicer if you roll them a little more to firm them up and make them about the size of a marble.

I won’t divulge too much information about the source of the recipe, but I do have a lovely mother-in-law to indirectly thank for it. This is good home-cooking at its best and one of the reasons I keep sheep.

Mutton Meatball Curry: 500g minced mutton, 3 chilli, couple of inches of ginger, 4 cloves garlic, good pinch of salt, one large onion finely chopped, handful of frozen/fresh tomatoes (or half a tin), lots of lovely oil. For the spice mix: 1-2 tsp garam masala, 1 tsp ground coriander, 6 cloves, 5 cardamon pods, 15 peppercorns, a cinnamon stick.

blitz the chilli, ginger and cloves into a paste – maybe add a little water to help this along. mix half into the meat and add a dash of oil. Make lots of little meatballs and brown them in a frying pan. In a largish casserole dish cook off the spice mix (not the paste) in plenty of oil. Add the onion and fry until a golden or a tinged with brown around the edges.  Add the tomatoes, the other half of the paste and the salt and cook down a bit. Add a little water if necessary, then add the meatballs and simmer for about 30 mins. Keep checking the sauce is liquid enough and add more water if necessary.

Serve with rice or naan. One day we had it with rice. The other day we had it with this lentil curry and home-made naan.



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