Alpaca Wool

alpaca scarf

Is is cold and snowy here, but the alpacas don’t seem to mind too much – although I do note they are actually using their shelter at the moment.


So taking the lead from the alpacas I wrapped up in my amazing scarf that Adam from Weird Weekends made me – and it not only kept the biting wind off my face, but it kept me really, really warm – thank you Adam 🙂

I am constantly amazed at the insulation properties of wool be it sheep or alpaca.

pregnant ewes

N.B. Mary, I was also wearing the grey/black cashmere scarf you made for me – thank you 🙂

10 responses to “Alpaca Wool

  1. Cashmere and alpaca and wool! Divine! Hot bath and layers and as much animal fur as you can get on is my go to in the cold. Plus an electric couch blanket and electric heating pads for my office chair. It’s what gets me through Minnesota deep freeze!

    • I seriously would not cope in a Minnesota winter. I would wear all my thermals all day long and all night! Heating pads for your chair – now that is a good idea. Luckily the weather has turned here and is warming up. I used to love baths, but since I saw a spider come out of the overflow point in the bath in this house many decades ago, I have never wanted to get back in the bath! xx

      • You will deworm and treat fly strike and help animals birth, but won’t squish a tiny spider? I don’t believe it….I’d never give up my hot baths. Unless snakes came out. A girl has her limits.

        • If you squish a spider all their friends come to the funeral – well that’s what my dad told me 🙂 If a snake came out of my bath, that would pretty much finish me off I think. xx

          • Dads are often correct.
            I still wouldn’t give up hot baths. Especially with lavender Epsom salts or Himalayan salts with essential oils added!!

            • I still love baths, just not in the bath in my house. I am sure spiders don’t come out of other baths – now I feel really odd – might even go and have a bath ….. 🙂

  2. I can’t tell you how much it makes me smile to see the scarf wrapped around you!… really it is me who must thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore alpaca fibers… and learn how to knit..

    • I think it is great how we connected across the globe through Inky Dinky Do’s fleece – the internet (and alpacas) can be remarkable. Every time I wear the scarf I think about the journey it went on and how much effort and learning went in to it – and because of that it is truly one of my most precious possessions 🙂

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