Squash Risotto and Halloumi

risotto and halloumi

This past week it has all been about squash and halloumi.

First there was potatoes, squash and onions roasted in our duck fat with a little of last-year’s pesto and tomato passata from the freezer with a wedge of fried home-made halloumi – thanks Iggy Pop. We actually had this twice as it was so nice.

roast veg and halloumi

Then there were wraps with fried halloumi, some home-made hummus and nearly the last of our pickled cucumbers and gherkins. I found a stray spring onion when clearing out the cold-frame so we had that carelessly thrown on the hummus!

pickles and hummos

To use up the last of the halloumi I made squash risotto with some sage. We only have two more of the accidental squash left in storage and a bag and a half of potatoes – and the wretched rodents have eaten all the peas and broadens – I will have to sow everything again but this time in one of the greenhouses – which means I have to clear it out first!

Squash risotto: two small handfuls of risotto rice, chicken stock, an onion finely chopped, half a squash peeled and cubed, olive oil (or duck fat), parmesan grated, sage chopped.

Sprinkle salt and pour a little oil over the squash chunks and roast in the oven. Meanwhile heat up a little oil or butter in a pan and gently fry the onion. When translucent add in the risotto rice and stir around a bit. Gradually add in the stock, letting it get slowly absorbed. Actually you can add a good splash or two, turn the heat down low and go and have a shower – risotto isn’t as needy as some recipes suggest. Keep gradually adding stock as the rice cooks. Some people like their risotto to be loose, some not so much – do as you please. Add in some grated parmesan, the sage and the squash. Season to taste.

Serve with a triangle of halloumi briefly fried.


Crap photos – sorry – last week was quite stressful because of the snow and the scours.

N.B. some  very, very exciting developments happened today concerning future cheese-making. Possibly the last piece of the puzzle fell into place with regards to the micro-dairy – I am so excited I am doing a little dance over here …. more on this later in the week.

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