Good Friends Get It Sorted

Eleven demoing the frame

I remembered two important things yesterday: dog metacam is good for inflammation and pain relief in goats, if you can’t get to a vet; positive encouragement from a friend can make you believe in yourself again (and your crazy projects).

Yesterday my friend Pete was round visiting. We popped outside to look at the food truck and to plot our plans for domination of the catering food industry, when we heard a plaintive bleating. It sounded like one of the kids – probably stuck behind one of the stall doors or something. It carried on bleating, so in my efforts to be a responsible goat herder we set off to see what was wrong.


This was a really, really good decision. The poor little goat (Esme – she has the brown nose) had slipped on the climbing frame and got her hoof wedged between the slats of the pallet that provides the slope.

She was lying head downwards on the pallet dangling from her stuck hoof and was obviously really distressed. I struggle to know what to do with injured or distressed animals, although I am getting much better at it as I am the one who has to deal with that type of thing round here. I cradled her and supported her weight while we worked out how to get her hoof out. I had visions of having to saw the pallet to free her, but Pete suggested pushing from underneath and moving her foot gently to the right. It worked.


I popped her on the ground and she limped around on 3 legs, but the other leg didn’t seem broken. Over the next 5 minutes she started putting a little weight on it and ate her dinner greedily. I gave her a little dog metacam for the pain and any inflammation and by this morning she was parkouring round the goat shelter with the others.

I was however really worried that this would happen again. In fact I have been worried about it since James first built the climbing frame for the goats. It was time to act. Pete said he would help me sort it right there and then, despite the fact it was getting dark – this was all the motivation I needed. Rather than see it as a big problem we found an easy solution – I obtained some scrap hardboard from a shed, we got the tools and in minutes we had sawed and screwed the wood (and battens) on top of the pallets – well Pete had, I looked after the screws (which I will have you know is a very important job). It looks good doesn’t it? And now it is safe for baby goats to play on.

In a similar manner, I have been somewhat worried of late about my plans for the cafe/food-truck and such things. It is easy to be talked into the frame of mind where everything is seen as a virtually insurmountable difficulty, where you start doubting your ability to make the right decision about choices and consequently you don’t do anything, rather than get it wrong. Talking to Pete about his plans and my plans, made me remember that of course I can do it and of course I will make good decisions. Sometimes rather than focusing on a list of problems – why something can’t be done, why it can’t be done now, or like this – you just have to dream, have belief in yourself, and get up and do it.

jumping off.jpg

N.B. This is me getting up and doing it, just like Esme who despite getting trapped by her leg yesterday woke up this morning and bounced around full of joy and exciting plans for the day. No more listening to the harbingers of doom.

N.B Thank you Pete 🙂

4 responses to “Good Friends Get It Sorted

  1. Ah, well done you! Thanks for the perspective readjustment. It is so easy to be daunted by the doubts and the details, but we really should just give it a go! I’m also very pleased to see Esme is back to her playful little self. Take care. X

    • Thank you Hannah, sometimes you just need some-one else to give you some support and tell you it is doable. Esme is absolutely fine, good job baby goats are so bendy!

  2. You’re right, it is really easy to make mountains out of molehills. It’s good you’ve got a friend to help you out with that. I find that making lists of the smaller tasks to complete the bigger task helps quite a bit. I know I can do those small tasks and then eventually the larger thing will be done! Or sometimes I just charge at a project because I’ll just sit down and have a bit of a paddy if I don’t. ha ha!
    I love what you’ve created! You’ve done a great job!

    • List making can be really useful – sometimes I create lists of my lists – that’s when it gets bad. Generally I also find that focusing on small aspects of a bigger task are more fruitful and less overwhelming – at times the whole cafe/campsite thing seems way too overwhelming.

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