Squash and Fried Sage Pasta


As I was making this, I knew I should fry the sage leaves in some lovely raw, cultured butter I happen to have. But if I am honest, I was tired, I wanted a quick dinner and I really doubted whether I would even step outside to pick the sage, never mind fry them.

But in the back of my head I knew my friends would disapprove. They introduced me to fried sage leaves and as with most things food related they are right – some fried sage leaves would make the dish really special.

So in a slightly grumpy frame of mind I went outside and picked the sage and I fried it with some pine-nuts in this lovely butter from Fen Farm Dairy which, until I get a sufficient amount of milk from the goats, suffices as an absolutely delicious substitute.

raw butter.jpg

Squash, and Fried Sage Pasta: pasta, some squash, peeled and cubed, sage, pine-nuts butter, parmesan, seasoning, olive oil.

Put the squash (peeled and cubed) into a roasting tin with a splash of olive oil and some salt. Roast. It might be good to turn the pieces halfway through – as you can see from the photo, I didn’t!. Meanwhile put the pasta on to cook. Heat a good amount of butter in a small frying pan (be generous) and add the sage leaves and after a bit the pine nuts – fry until golden and not burnt. Drain the pasta (but keep back a small cup of water to loosen the sauce if necessary – I mainly just added more butter). Add the butter (with sage and pine-nuts) and the roasted squash to the pasta and serve with parmesan.

And yes, of course, for the minimal effort involved, frying the sage in butter lifted this dish out of an ordinary week-day dinner and into something special!

fryig sage and pinenuts.jpg

12 responses to “Squash and Fried Sage Pasta

  1. yum!! I always forget how much I love squash and sage together until I happen to be at a restaurant and see it on the menu. It’s handy seeing this while at home so that I can plot my week’s shopping. Thanks for sharing!

      • I don’t really eat a lot of pasta.
        Most pasta dishes, not all of them, but most pasta dishes have some variable of cheese or diary mixed in overall pasta dish.
        So since I’m lactose intolerant, it never really occurs to me want pasta. Kinda like pizza.
        There’s no consistently good way to have it without some level of dairy added to it :p

    • Fried sage is totally the best. I can’t believe I have been so lazy in not frying it in butter all these years. Definitely works well with squash 🙂

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