Having to kill Esme wasn’t the only animal-related bad news I had this weekend.

On Friday I took Zephi to get castrated – he wants to constantly have sex with every dog he meets and not every dog is keen on this. While he was under the anaesthetic I asked them to x-ray his hips which they did.


They confirmed what I already suspected, my crazy, little dog has a hip problem in his left hip so I won’t be able to complete with him in working trials as jumping is not such a good idea. I will hopefully be able to manage it as I did Daisy Dog’s hip problems through aqua-therapy and keeping his muscles strong to support the hip, but I must say I am pretty gutted.

He would have made a good working trials dog as he has such an excellent nose and is great at tracking – rubbish recall but we are working on that! I will still continue his sheep training and we will continue learning to track.

While telling me the news the vet said something to me which was rather stupid I thought. She asked if I had insurance and then said that artificial hips work pretty well for dogs. I don’t have insurance and Zephi is a crazy dog who leaps over things, hurls himself about without a care in the world and takes on life at full pelt. Having just been told by a consultant that given I want to continue working on the smallholding, growing my own food, milking goats and jumping over fences I really need to manage my own hip pain rather than go for a replacement hip as I wouldn’t be able to do all those things with an artificial one, I think that Zephi is probably not a good candidate for a replacement either. So instead we will work on managing the pain from our dodgy hips together and keep on jumping fences even if it means coming home on three legs and crying for a bit.


10 responses to “Hips

  1. What a blow,I feel your pain Claire, my lovely Megan had double hip dysplasia but coped until16 on glucosamine supplement and later low maintenance metacam, I’ve always been watching dog gait ever since, new puppy Lottie ( Fabulous blue tri colour half sister to Milly, same dad) has a strange lop sided walk so when booking spay op I’ll do the same, Milly doing well, hope both you and Zephi stay strong. Helen x

    • Hi Helen, so lovely to hear from you. A new puppy – how exciting. I do hope her hips are OK. I will put Zephi (and me) on some glucosamine. Hope Millie is well. I saw Sue today and she said that Ellie had died – sorry to hear that. Hope you all and your mum are doing OK – I miss our morning walks – take care xx

  2. Oh Claire , when are you going to get a break . I haven’t given up the idea of leaping over fences and milking goats and I have a new hip!
    You and Zeph soldier on together xxx

    • The artificial ones take the pain away and you can walk and do quite a bit, but apparently if you are hell-bent on running a smallholding, sheep-wrangling and having a micro-dairy artificial hips aren’t the best idea. 🙂

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