Zephi is in love … with the chicks


He can’t believe just how cute and adorable they are.


This year I  am experimenting with plastic boxes as brooders and so far it is working well.

chick brooder

The chicken wire is to stop the cats from snacking – not Zephi, he watches over them with undivided devotion.


Just Marans and Ixworths from this batch – hatch rate was low as all the eggs from the hens in with the blue-egg cockerel were unfertile – he obviously hasn’t been doing the business yet – maybe it has been too cold.

For the record – as I have already kind of forgotten this – I put a batch of eggs on to incubate maybe on Monday 19th March (see I have alread forgotten) and today (25th March) – hoping the blue-egg cockerel is feeling more fertile now the weather has warmed up a bit.


N.B. I love the way Zephi’s eyeballs look as if they will just pop right out with all the cuteness.

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