Being Born

bring born

Being born is quite tiring I imagine. Helping out with the being born bit is also tiring, especially if all the ewes decide that the time to give birth this year is between 4-5am.

first moments

So far three ewes have lambed. The first ewe (no.39) needed a hand pulling the second lamb out as he had such a big head – he came out doing superman. The others have been fine – but we have been getting up  every day either at 4am or 6am depending on the perceived imminence of labour.

39 and lambs2.jpg

Two left to lamb – Bobtail and Fraggle. I am worried about Fraggle as she is so small. She was the lamb that Kenny the jumping ram tupped after jumping over multiple fences.

lambs in the shed

trying hay.jpg

Of course it has been a learning curve. In addition to pulling out a lamb – and I really had to pull – no.39 ended up with some of her afterbirth just hanging out of her – you can see it in the photo below.

39 feeding with afterbirth.jpg

11 and Daisy Dog tree.jpg

I learnt not to pull this out, but to wait for it to eventually drop off of its own accord (nearly a week later) while giving her regular antibiotics to prevent infection. We don’t routinely give our animals antibiotics, nor do we really take them as we kind of want them to still work when we (or our animals need them). I reckon having afterbirth that is still attached to your womb hanging out of you in the mud is just such an occasion.

39 outside

It is beautiful first thing in the morning though when a ewe has successfully lambed and you can safely go back inside for a cup of tea.

morning light

N.B. What with lambing, Easter, the campsite opening, trying to get the cafe finished and the copyedits on most recent book, it has been a very busy few weeks with no time for blogging, but I will try and catch up soon.

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