Special K nad Fraggle.jpg

Fraggle, the little orphan lamb from last year who was accidentally tupped by Kenny the jumping ram, had her baby on Monday evening.

Fraggle in labour.jpg

It was not an easy labour. I noticed she was in labour around 3.30pm. She was still in labour a few hours later. I was worried that because she was so small and young she might have a problem giving birth – she did.

Her little ram lamb, Special K, would never have been born by himself – not only was he quite big, but Fraggle is quite small (she is only just a year old). Luckily my friend Andrew was happy to help. He popped round at 6pm and managed to ascertain that the lamb was in the correct position in the birth canal – for the record I am very impressed with his ability to do this. At 7.30 when there was still no sign he came round to get the lamb out. He had to go in, grab the front legs and pull. I have never see someone pull so hard. He braced himself against Fraggle and the shed wall and pulled. For a moment it didn’t look as if the lamb would come out and then as if by magic, out he started to come. Poor Fraggle wasn’t happy – and to be fair, I really don’t blame her, it was pretty brutal to watch, but not getting the lamb out would have been even more problematic.

coming out.jpg

The lamb was strong and Fraggle, after a dazed few moments, started to wash him. I checked on them both over the next few hours and made sure he was feeding. They both seem OK today so, I have let them out into the field.

wait for me mum.jpg

I would never have coped without Andrew and I am so grateful for such a brilliant mentor. Not only have I learnt a lot from him, but when the going gets really rough, he is always there to help – thank you 🙂

This is Zephi asking if he can say hi to the lambs

Zephi saying hi

N.B. If you are wondering why the lamb is called Special K, well he was born on Kerry’s birthday, to her favourite orphan lamb.

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