Just a quick one as I have to milk goats, walk dogs, pick salad leaves and wash them, then do opening checks as the Blue Rabbit Cafe is opening today (8-ish to 11-ish).

food truck

The two managers are currently doing some last minute checks of the seating


Today we are just serving a selection of home-made cakes: almond biscuits (g/f), Montezuma chocolate brownies (g/f) home-grown rhubarb muffins and honey and oat breakfast bars (made only with out honey and no sugar). There will also be sausage rolls made fro our own rare-breed pork and vegetarian spinach borek.

muffins and oat bars

Everything is home-made, all meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit are home grown here.


All bought ingredients are organic – except for the puff pastry and filo pastry but more on that later….

gluten free.jpg

I can’t believe it is happening ….. now to milk the goats …. more later

N.B We are serving Firestation coffee – roasted just 5 miles away by the lovely people at the Firestation cafe and roastery.

18 responses to “Open

    • Thank you – it went quite well, despite me apparently losing the ability to add up, take orders make coffee or serve cake, but apart from that it was brilliant ! Hope Holly is still keen to be a waiter πŸ™‚

  1. Congratulations guys! Very happy for you . Oliver thinks the cats might be there for pouncing on people who try to do a runner.

  2. Hi Claire, this looks awesome. Hope it all went well. Are you open tomorrow and we will come and eat lots?! Miranda, Mat and Wren. X

    • We’re open today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) from about 8.30 until 11.30-ish. This week I am just selling cakes (rhubarb muffins, amaretti biscuits, honey and oat breakfast bars and Montezuma chocolate brownies) and a couple of savoury things – sausage rolls and spinach borek (which is a vegetarian, Turkish filo pastry and cheese dish) + tea, coffee and organic juices. All the meat, eggs, fruit and veggies are grown here; all bought ingreients are organic (except the puff and filo pastry). It would be lovely to see you all πŸ™‚

    • Thanks MIke – you should all come up and visit again. Everyday I think of you all when I walk past the daffodils and tulips you planted for me – they looked amazing – thank you. How are thins in Birmingham?

  3. Hi, thank you for the yummy treats we had this week. Can not wait to visit again.
    Tina, Phil, Jessica and Zak xxx

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