Leek and Stichelton

cheese on toast.jpg

That thing is happening, the thing when I am too exhausted in the evening to make food – I know shock horror – I am a greedy person and can always make food. After spending three days getting up before 6, milking, running the dogs, working all morning in the food truck, working all afternoon baking more treats for the food truck in the cake kitchen, cleaning everything scrupulously, and then working in the polytunnel or vegetable garden until egg collection at 6pm and then after egg collection doing campsite work I am officially shattered.

On Friday night all we had was a lump of grilled halloumi (home made of course), some purple sprout broccoli with a splash of lemon juice and a wedges of a lovely sour dough bread.

On Saturday I took a moment to make our regular cabbage and bacon bake thing (I also cleared the last of the cabbages from the hugelkultur so they need to be eaten)  with the leftover sourdough some cheddar and lots of unctuous chicken stock and that lasted two days.


Last night we hung out with our friends and they cooked some food on a BBQ for us – more halloumi, some of our chicken marinated in a hoisin sauce and some rough burgers fashioned out of the large black sausage meat – it was fabulous.

Anyway this dish is from a week ago when I was equally tired. It used the last of the leeks from the hugelkultur and is a recipe from Three Good Things by HFW.

Slowly cook your leeks in some butter in a pan. Make some toast. Spread toast with butter and a little mustard. Spoon over the leeks and top with grated Stichelton. Put under the grill until bubbling – eat. We might have had it with a salad, but to be honest I think we just ate it as is – posh toasted cheese.

Although seriously, who am I kidding we do eat really well even on the bad days!

N.B. did you know we grow thistles really well!

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