Best Bacon Ever


Yesterday i the cafe I started selling bacon, sausage and egg buns made from our own free range eggs and our free-range, rare breed, super happy pigs. The first person to try some bacon told me it was the best bacon he had ever eaten.

I still need to tweak bacon to bun ration, and finesse cooking the sausage patties, but I reckon a starting point of the best bacon ever is a good one.

This is a practice breakfast bun I made on Tuesday when my friends were here and we finally worked out how to turn the oven on.

egg and baco bun.jpg

Buns come with leaves picked fresh from the polytunnel.


And of course we still have a collection of home-made cakes:

  • homegrown rhubarb buns
  • gluten-free Monezuma chocolate brownies
  • ground almond amaretti
  • honey and oat bars featuring my heather honey.

All the bought ingredients we use are organic.

Open from 8.30 onwards weekends and school holiday.

Got to dash now as goats need to be milked, I have to flush out  an abscess on a lamb, walk the dogs, then get washed and changed ready to open the cafe.



9 responses to “Best Bacon Ever

  1. I should have added, that yesterday wouldn’t have been at all possible without my lovely friends helping in the cafe – thank you 🙂

    • Thank you. After a nine day stint open every day, I am slowly getting the hang of it and realising how hard it is to juggle running the cafe, baking the cakes and growing the food!

  2. I would give anything to visit the cafe… especially for the bacon, sausage, egg buns. What are the rhubarb buns?… (I love rhubarb and they sound like they could be really good)

    Last of all… I should have eaten before I read this… Now I am seriously hungry and stuck in a meeting at work

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