Special K

SpecialK portrait

We found a lump on Special K’s neck last week. It was huge – the size of my fist. I suspected it was an abscess. I phoned the vet and they said to bathe it in salt water for a few days. When I came back from a few days working London, I checked again, it was still there so I called the vet who came out on Friday morning.

on new grass.jpg

He reckoned it was an abscess, showed me how to find the soft spot and inserted a needle to see if there was pus. When we saw some, he then cut the abscess and we tried to squeeze out all the goo – there was quite a lot. I had to then spend the next five days ensuring the abscess could drain by keeping the wound open and flushing the abscess site with salt water a couple of times a day – not a fun job.

Zephi wanting to join in

Poor little Special K – he has had a bit of a rough time. He and his mum stayed in the sheep shed so I could get easier access to him.

Fraggle and Special K

But on Tuesday we let them out with the other ewes and lambs into this section of field with its lush, lush grass.

on new grass

They all loved it.

Special K was so excited he spent quite a while running and jumping.

N.B. I suspect that the abscess was caused by the vaccination I did – the others are all fine, but one of the side-effects can be an abscess. He still has a lump, but I am hoping it will heal.

I should add that Fraggle is just such a good mum, very devoted to her little Special K

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