Simmering Sea-monsters

misty beach

On Sunday afternoon, after a hugely busy nine days on the campsite cooking pizzas, running the Blue Rabbit Cafe and doing egg collection Alfie and I went for a swim.

green sea.jpg

Back at the campsite it was sunny with a blue sky, but a sea mist had rolled into Shingle Street. It got thicker and thicker and by the time we got into the sea we could only see a few metres around us.


The sea itself was unusually clear and green with strange waves that, Alfie said made it look as if it was simmering.  She helpfully added that the seamonsters were probably hoping to cook us.

Despite this I managed to get in and swim. It was amazing, a really atmospheric swim and very different to our swims earlier in the week when the sky was so clear we could see as far as Orford.

looking towards Orford.jpg

at the lagoon.jpg

N.B. There have been no posts for a while as it turns out running a cafe and a campsite, milking goats, growing food and looking after a friend’s dog (Kite) is more exhausting than I thought.


2 responses to “Simmering Sea-monsters

  1. You’re probably writing and teaching as well……
    You know, I worry about you! Take time to rest Claire! Please, we want you around for a long long long time!

    • HI Olivia, yes writing and teaching too! Planning on staying around for a long time. Lovely to hear from you – hope things are good with you xx

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