Extreme Ice-cream Experimentation Station

mulberry icecream.jpg

As the soft-fruit time of the year is coming up, I felt I had to clear any lingering soft fruit from the depths of the many freezers.  I made some jam, but I mainly made ice-cream. Usually I just make vanilla ice-cream or the occasional chocolate. But this time in a burst of creative innovation I made three fruity versions: a black currant ice-cream – nice and sharp and wonderful – see here for the recipe; an elderflower ice-cream with a gooseberry ripple (more on this later); and a mulberry ice-cream with meringues.

pot of mulberry icecream.jpg

The mulberry ice-cream is easy. Just liquidise some mulberries (maybe with a bit of sugar) and stir into some whipped cream then freeze. Just before it is too hard mix in some crumbled meringues – for recipe see here. I liked it, but to be honest I much prefer my mulberries in a tart or ideally as a jammy crumble. Actually they make the best crumble ever. Simple put fresh or frozen mulberries on the bottom of a dish, top with crumble mix (I make it in big batches and stash it in the freezer) and cook – no extra sugar is needed – the mulberries form a lovely jammy texture.

If I had time, I would have waited for the ice-cream to soften slightly before taking the photo, but it was a quickly snatched break between campsite and cafe activities so I had to photograph it and eat it in a very frozen state.


N.B. Maybe I should have sieved the mulberry puree – I thought about it, but really, my life is too busy for that kind of thing even though I suspect it might have made it even nicer …..

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