Flowers in the Polytunnel

These are the flowers I tend to grow – pea, courgette nasturtium and aubergine. All the more beautiful because you can either eat them or eat the wonderful fruits they produce.

I have been lax on my polytunnel updates, but again it is pretty dream-like, no sign of the snakes and the weeds are vaguely under control. There are a lot of ants, that have been scoffing my strawberries and are now climbing the peach trees to get to the peaches. I keep meaning to buy some diatomaceous earth to put a halt to their depredations but you know … all my cherries got stolen by a bird who moved in acclaiming that the polytunnel was indeed the stuff dreams are made of.


Recently I dug up some of the carrots and onions to make way for a gherkin patch. I should did up the rest along with the potatoes so I can finally plant out the chillis that have been sitting stunted in their pots.

Here are some overviews of the polytunnel. This is fmr the front and there are courgettes to the left with broadbeans behind. in the middle are peppers and some aubergines with kohl rabi, beetroot, salad leaves, herbs and radishes behind them. On the left you can just see flowering potatoes and behind them are the carrots, gherkins and onions.



The first cucumbers have also arrived.


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